Corporate Discipline

Many times I read the term self-control associated with various theories on organizational management and internal control of the enterprises, but the authors just mentioned, I would say that timidly, without explaining what it meant, delve into the topic, without theoretical observations or case studies that would serve as reference to associate the self-control with the real world of business. I was rummaging in books and more books on various official and private libraries course on various Web pages, without any finding that at least indicate an approach to a thesis or at least one incipient definition of self-control applied together with the internal control of a company. In my opinion the self-control is indispensable in all systems of internal control, need from a family company to a mega corporation, any individual can apply it without hesitation by their level of academic preparation or its hierarchy within an entity, is useful at all times, in all process and in all organizational activity, is essential both for Governments and their public entities that produce goods and services for the national and international community, requires it with or non-profit private enterprise and is adaptable worldwide. For these reasons has become corporate self-control as a discipline of perpetual application, discipline that should be inserted immediately to the organizational culture so that it becomes the plus of internal control..