Thus we hoped that enough people study marketing, which will serve to count on professionals who can design the same and this way to improve the economy of the Peruvian state. In the corporative right we must consider the accounting since the great companies must tell on accounting department that works full-time within the company, thus is not conceived to a company of this type without the same, nevertheless, at present come celebrating modern contracts, thus agrees to bring to collation the contract of management, which consists of contracting another company so that it administers the company, in whose services it can be including the accounting of the company, nevertheless, these subjects reach little development in the Peruvian right, but we hoped that in the future not very distant these contracts in the same are celebrated, which will serve to reduce administration costs and of this form to obtain that the companies are but efficient to add something of economic analysis of the right. The economic analysis of the right consists to apply postulates economic the right, thus one looks for to leave ahead in a frame of limited resources, thus this must look for the corporative right to increase or to increase the utilities to the smaller possible cost and of this form to look for that the great companies become efficient and they are it permanently in the market. Nevertheless, to consider that is due to respect the good corporative government and the corporative social responsibility, being this one class or variety of the enterprise social responsibility. That is to say, much people think that she has been being due to have utilities whatever thus do not consider that the third parties have right to which it is due to even respect on the part of the industralists, administrators and workers, which has been warned in the doctrine just for some years, since before these subjects were not known and it acted hastily almost in authorized form to third parties with respect to the company.