Creative Process

According to Spanski the human mind can operate in two modes: in mode receiving and processing mode. A related site: Erin Callan mentions similar findings. The processor is the most developed have. Formal education aims to train us precisely this mental ability. We have a goal, means and a way or methodology. Processing mind works in a rational way in the weberian sense of adequacy of means to purposes. As a Professor of mathematics at the College said: a problem need to ask yourself three questions.

What they ask me?, what data I give?, and play with them. This is not a bad model of functioning of the processing mode, mode which is very useful for daily life; It allows us to take a bus or a plane and arrive at the destination point and achieve objectives in the course of our existence. It is useful and necessary, but not sufficient if we aspire to live a really creative life. For this we must be capable of accessing the other modality: receiving mind and achieve levels of excellence in their management. In What is that receiving capacity and why it is so important in the creative process? That expand on theories that may sound abstract – when not arcane to the reader uninitiated in these topics, better resort to a model, a living example of someone who has experienced that degree of mastery in the handling of both modes of thought. Walter Russel, the man who discovered and used the secrets of the universe in the title of the book by Glenn Clark. This author with Dr.

Alexis Carrel during the 1930s were very concerned about the progress of a world that was just living a terrible economic crisis and who headed strides towards a new world war. It had to do something to prevent this but what?. Alexis Carrel sent him a message. The future of humanity is committed.