Ecological Corridors

In the incessant search of the water and in the formation of ecological corridors. He has yourself in the recovery of the ground and the ciliares bushes, that if find degraded in the riverbeds, as well as in the improvement of the socioambientais conditions. Consecutively promoting, integrated actions aiming at to improve the management of the hdricos resources in the region of the River Mamanguape. Obviously, in the search by means of communitarian and governmental initiatives that allow to make possible the exploitation of agrarian and aquatic resources of the region. Through the technique, Milton Saints affirms. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Euro Pacific Precious Metals. In a region unprovided of half knowing, anticipatedly, the movements of the nature, the mobilization of the same resources technician, scientific, financial and organizacionais will get a more mediocre reply comparativily. (SAINTS, 2009.p.242) Notadamente, we perceive that the deforestation provokes the impoverishment of the ground, beyond assoreamento of the rivers.

As the ciliar bush has the function to protect the springs and the ground against the erosion, its withdrawal provokes ambient degradation leaving the ground forsaken and with rain, the same it suffers to impact with the phenomenon from the erosion carrying sand to the riverbed. In this intention, we need to represent a basic anxiety for the sustainable agricultural development in the region of the River Mamanguape. Through the importance that the ciliares bushes, that are vegetal essentials to the ambient balance. Incorporating in the practical ones of conservation and to the handling of the ground, in the preservation and the recovery of the rivers, guaranteeing the protection of one of the main natural resources: the water. In this scene, the ciliares bushes have the function to hold back, to filter residues of agroqumicos, preventing the pollution of the courses d' water, protecting against the assoreamento of the rivers, hindering the floods. is bushes that are well next to the sources, regatos, rivers and lagoons protecting its edges of the erosion and the drying of the abrupt declivities, hindering the nip of its stream beds and provoking the infiltration of the water of the rain, that arrives with bigger easiness at fretico sheet.