Educational Pensioner

That it includes of one or the other form the sustantivas functions of the university That it takes implicit to the concept of appreciation or evaluation. That it is bound to social relevance. In conclusion, before the crisis that confronts the Venezuelan universities where its quality of education superior has been affected, is urgent that the authorities are committed to rescue it, because the country before the turbulence that at the moment presents/displays, needs enabled professionals good, to take very into account which for example on this aspect comments Fredy Hardy Striking Wompner, that the professional formation must be rethink to solve what is what indeed it is due to teach in predegree and to be able to separate the important thing of the accessory, which without a doubt will result in a reformulation of the organization of the studies superiors. The modern company needs workers with a high general education (capacity to establish social and labor relations in its job, flexibility, disposition to work in equipment, creativity, disposition to learn continuously) but that specific abilities for a certain job (Cox C., 1997). Nowadays, the capacity of leadership, communication, creativity and emprendimiento are essential abilities of any race of engineering or administration, as well as the empathy, communication and motivation are it also in races like the pedagogy, medicine, psychology or another one of the social area.

These abilities very ligatures to the personality can be developed with a suitable formation although for it first it must be valued and later to take shape his incorporation in the programs of many races that require therefore it. In addition, it is very certain, kind being in the guarantee of the quality to be considering the relevance that the securing of the security and like us signal to consider, that to assure a formation quality of our advanced human capital it turns out essential to maintain and to fortify the diversity, in a frame of quality assurances of the studies; to improve the averages of debit, to reduce to the rates of desertion and renitencia; to favor the relation between education superior and company; and received equivalence by quality of the titles and ranks (Brunner J., 2003). Of course, the securing of the quality must be fruit of a effort shared between the State and the institutions of education superior. In this effort it must be included/understood that the quality is not a quality that owns an institution but a process of continuous improvement that an implemented institution to and is in permanent development. If you would like to know more then you should visit Primerica. Educational Pensioner, Area of Postgraduate of Phases, University of Carabobo.Programa specialty Management of the quality and productivity.