Elements Of Corporate Identity

The very notion of corporate identity emerged relatively recently, within the last hundred years. It all started back in ancient times, with nomadic peoples who imposed a sign of ownership of cattle – stamp. Thus, they differed own cattle from a stranger, and it was also a kind – the logo. In the Middle Ages brand has become a fixture already artisanal craft. And in an era of scientific-technical revolution with the population growth and development of market relations, it became clear that not enough to produce only quality goods. Need to somehow distinguish among other similar products. Based on this, and began to form a corporate style.

On this day the company, providing services early in its existence without foundation branding themselves do not represent. Since this is essential. Western companies have long recognized the effectiveness of corporate identity in the struggle for Customer: remember only companies such as Coca Cola, McDonalds, Nike, Nokia, Sony, Samsung, as immediately recognizable visual arises, and even taste the image. Corporate identity and what it is? Corporate identity – it is set, certain elements: the graphic arts, font, colors, acoustic, video, etc. All of this forms a unity of style and personality of the visual image as a successful embodiment of the company and its products and services, as well as creating confidence in the company, its products and services. Corporate identity is needed in order to: 1. Through the individual’s visual image and the unity of graphic, font and color, etc.