Operating economy face the constant new challenges for engineers, scientists and engineers, employees and businesses. Technological change and the globalization of markets require new perspectives and strong management skills in all entrepreneurial activities. The Steinbeis Center of management and technology (SCMT) and the Swiss Institute for small and medium-sized enterprises at the University of St. Gallen (KMU-HSG) offer successfully for over 30 years at the St. Gallen management seminar. The St. Gallen management seminar provides business and current management training for entrepreneurs and executives with several years of experience.

Entrepreneurs and managers with technical or scientific background learn part-time current knowledge of the business and management theory in this practice-oriented seminar in 10 modules and are immediately actionable and practical strategies to develop in the position. With the implementation of the St. Gallen management seminar, which is to small and Medium-sized enterprises-oriented, the SHB provides current actionable insights from the management and business administration. The St. Gallen management seminar is the basis for the Bachelor of business administration. This offers the possibility, in the aftermath of the seminar series, a recognized university degree, even without a high school diploma or qualification, obtaining. The network education across all sectors ensures an intensive exchange of experience among the participants and thus promotes the continuous learning process. The strong practical relevance through the individual problem solutions and personal seminar service networking programme and over 3000 graduates and 30 years of experience confirm the success of the seminar series. See seminars /… For more detailed information. I’m looking forward to your inquiry! David Rudolph