The unique moment in that truly we are fused, we beaten and in symbiosis, is at the time of our gestation, but also it is finished. To the nine months we are thrown to this world in which we must breathe by we ourself And, we happened through a long period of dependency qualifies that us to mature, to grow, us it encourages at any moment to being independent, to merit us by we ourself and, we learn that only our actions, took to us to have a satisfactory life or not . The society, the family, the culture, at least in the West, considers those qualities like virtues. And once we got to be adult, we looked for pair, we were united. And then it would seem that imaginary we would wish to return to fuse to us. Perhaps our psychic character has been demanding that state of ideal well-being .pero that, was for many, many years . And it is indeed that place, for some, the one that we wished to recreate with the pair. Sight thus seems a madness, and in truth some we drive crazy of love by our pair.

Next to these emotions felt and yearned for not we obtained to be aware us that he comes from our interior, that the other adult cannot by no means be with us in that ideal state all along, and if we are honest, we cannot either cover that expectation. But no! We follow fools hoping that eagerness is fulfilled yet. We want to force that relation us of this, that or what we are not able to provide same to us. We live in pair, and that means for many, to share the tastes, the interests, the subjects of gossip, the time, the work, the house, the money, the friendly, the diversions, the extensive families.