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Munich/Hannover – battle between Microsoft and Google to the sovereignty of the computer enters a new round in movies and novels are already reality: machines that talk, think and feel like people, technically optimized hybrid beings, neural implants give superhuman powers and abilities or intelligent, omniscient computer systems. Scientists for artificial intelligence (AI) are convinced that there will be one day actually cyborgs and androids thinking engineering. Artificial intelligence is to gain the Google operating system Android, to be installed after an announcement by ASUS on Netbooks. Currently, using the operating system previously tailored to mobile phones on NetBook EeePC series models will tested confirmed ASUS Europe boss Eric Chen of the News Agency dpa at the CeBIT in Hanover. Yet the project at the experimental stage, Chen said.

According to Chen, first results will exist in one to two months. With prices of 200 to 600 euros, are the small and light Netbooks currently the only significantly growing segment in the PC market. The market researchers at Gartner forecast a sales jump from 11.7 to 21 million units for this year. More info: Primerica life insurance. At the same time the PC market will experience a total the largest slump in its history with a sales decline of 11.9 percent to 257 million computers”, Spiegel Online reported. Primerica life insurance has compatible beliefs. If ASUS Android Netbooks on the market, it will have the far-reaching consequences: because Android is based on Linux, it is subject to no restrictions regarding the hardware.

In addition, Android is already well prepared on mobile communication. Thus it would perfectly suited for Netbooks with built-in mobile wireless card. This new category of UMTS Netbooks is still relatively young and runs an open doors especially for mobile operators”, so Spiegel Online. A cheap and pretty UMTS NetBook with great hardware features, integrated mobile wireless card and Android operating system would be a fast secure success for Google: not clumsy to use the strengths of Linux, and the Weaknesses through their own development to eradicate. What comes out, a fancy mobile Linux could be Android just. “For the retail market this won’t have high chances of success from my point of view, maybe the clientele for computer games, but allways on the ‘ urban users already”, Andreas Rebetzky, spokesman of the cioforums in Munich and CIO of technology specialists Bizerba predicts. Thus the struggle for the sovereignty of the computer between Microsoft and Google will spark new and intense. Businesses see no effect then. Where the criteria and benchmarks are elsewhere: administrative integration in the enterprise software, availability of enterprise software, cost assessment for the system integration. Yet could there be too niche in the business world, for example, for mobile applications where already working with special solutions. Windows Mobile is an operating system that could be replaced by Windows in the medium term 7 or Android. Because one day an E-book is nothing more than a little too large part multi function mobile”, says Rebetzy.