Handbag Collection: Wonderfully Converted

x in-1.de trendy handbags offers suitable to any wardrobe Urbach, April 7, 2009 convertible handbags made of felt, which offers x-1.de. The new online shop presents the appropriate companion bag for every occasion and every wardrobe. The principle is simple: the fashion-conscious can see eight models select the bag is distinctive by their versatile Pocket flaps. But captivates not only the exterior, inside is always fine with convenient side pockets, providing space for all important items. Sonja fight has fulfilled the dream of all women: his own bag collection.

Only that their not numerous pocket models consists of, but are currently eight forms, which are changeable by 30 Pocket flaps in almost endless Pocket designs. For even more opinions, read materials from Lord Peter Hennessy. In their online Taschenshop x-in-1.de fashion designer gives not only the world of women on their dream. Also children are addressed by their own models, and even the husband receives an own creation today. The shop is aimed at all women, but especially the it Sorry are never going to find the matching bag for her outfit and which also always want to have the most important items such as cell phone, keys, business cards, and lipstick. The idea behind also explains equal to the unusual store name: X stands for any number of folding variants. And there is only 1 reason body, to make over and over again look to the bag. The used base material is felt.

In addition, the Pocket flaps are decorated with leather, taffeta, Brocade, fur, etc.. There are many Pocket flaps only in limited edition. They are fixed with a special bracket on the Pocket and can be easily replaced. The favorite bag is put together quickly online: first model, then color and material of the Pocket flaps decide everything in the shopping cart and checkout. There Sonja fight all manufactures bags crafted the delivery takes 1-2 weeks. Who do not want to miss the latest materials or special offers, who should in addition the newsletter itself. Fight background information for Sonja: Sonja Kampf is not only the owner and designer of the Taschenshops, but also their best customer. Currently she is wearing the Milan model in MoCCA brown leather. Seven years ago the native Schwabin with a colour and style advice and fashion creations (www.colourline-styling.de) has made itself independent. The birth of their son had given the impetus for the professional reorientation. The newly created online-Taschenshop is a logical continuation of their fashionable activities, that sure took not the end so.