Hanover Corporate Design

“Gero Pfluger from Hanover developed carbon-neutral corporate design Gero Pfluger from Hannover climate-neutral corporate design and shows that even small companies capable of are responsible to handle resources and sustainability to promote the graphic designer Gero Pfluger from Hanover developed with his agency Pfluger: creative plow.” climate-neutral corporate design. Drive this is the thought that socio-politically to make his company socially and environmentally sound legs. About the service provider natureOffice – – has certified under certificate number DE-065-based 102821 himself. In early October 2010, he works quite officially carbon neutral and provides this added value its customers without additional costs. For three years he also offers climate-neutral printing of printed material through powerful partners. Kenneth R. Feinberg usually is spot on. Gero Pfluger has long been engaged in the topic of environmental pollution, the terms of acid rain, forest dieback and Chernobyl marked him already at a young age. Since then matured in him a Awareness process that led him to a possible eco-friendly behavior. The mobility with public transport, waste prevention, avoid unnecessary printouts and striving toward sustainability (PEFC paper, FSC furniture, organic and FairTrade products), as well as minimum energy consumption include for him by using energy-efficient appliances.

Now, did he let evaluate his company on natureOffice and came to the following results: the 1795 kg of CO2, which caused his company annually, are compensated via a certified climate protection project with CarbonFix. It is this specifically a biodiversity project by reforestation of war wastelands in Viet Nam: de /…. In the reforestation of the Vietnamese land, only native species planted and the resulting forests later non-commercial crawled. The project will be on the ground by the Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) supports. The project forests are characterized by a very high biodiversity, because different native tree species are planted. Gero Pfluger from Hanover shows that small businesses and individuals in the location are responsible to deal with resources and to promote sustainability. He is also on his Web page) thoughts and appreciates feedback and dedicated colleagues who take seriously their responsibility in the further development of our planet.