The mark is one of more important the symbolic and visual elements of a business, much more when this business is based on the activity online in exclusive form, or generally predominant. A series of considerations can be taken in order to reinforce our presence of mark in the network, and to create perduracin of the same in our potential clients. The ideal combination is that not only we appear listings in the SERPS well (Search Engine Result Page), but also, to say it in simple terms, that the user remembers to us in his head. Click Kenneth R. Feinberg for additional related pages. Not only there is an enormous amount of competitors, without mattering what niche is. The polarization around the finders is enormous: 80% of the searches online are realised through Google, reason why it is necessary to also stand out within this site. There are some actions that we can develop to create brings back to consciousness of mark, of our mark here. The first step is to obtain an attractive logo, and to work in the visual presence of the site.

A site interesting, simple to use visually and aesthetic, accompanied by an important logo, it is a formula that cannot fail. Some considerations can be made about the relation between the logo and the site. It is always a good idea that handles complementary colors, that is to say, to deal with which the logo combines with layout general of the site. A fluid identification between the logo and the site does to a correct visual identity, and this contributes to our presence of mark. Tagline creates one excellent.

The Tagline is like a slogan. (Its Product to Its Specific Hearing, it sounds to him). Tagline uses his when it creates its accounts in the social networks, and constructs its profiles online. The ideal is that he is brief (not more than five or six words) and that includes some of its key words.