As for ordinary citizens, they need a statement to verify the formality of signing the contract. Regardless of who is the second party to the treaty, whether it be customers, contractors, landlord or other person, an extract from the register or from EGRIP be an official document confirming the status of legal person. Remember that only those statements that are obtained directly from the bodies engaged in registry entries, may contain accurate information. Received a statement signed by these bodies directly inspector IFTS and authenticated by the official stamp. Given the fact that, for the provision of extracts from Incorporation many companies and organizations are turning to low-skilled professionals, the risk of such transactions is very high. Issued statements do not correspond to established standards and represent a certain printout of data that do not have any legal force.

Accordingly, such "electronic" statement can not be used for other purposes. Certificate of Incorporation or EGRIP from official hands are valid Within one month of receipt. In the event that an extract has already passed the deadline, it may not be presented as a legal document to state bodies or notaries. To to obtain an extract from the register, you must provide full information on the organization name, taxpayer identification number, the main state registration number, as well as CPR. In that case, if you do not have accurate information about any of these documents, the experts will help install it. In order that an individual has received the extract from the register, you must have: – a statement in writing, in which shows the basic requisites of a legal entity and contact information – a document confirming payment of registration fee (original only) – if the individual is not a CEO, you need a warrant for execution all actions. The authorization must be made on behalf of the organization and the general director and chief accountant and a certified seal. For the term of Certificate of Incorporation and the EGRIP divided into two types: – Ordinary Certificate of Incorporation (EGRIP) shall be issued within 5 days of receipt of the request; – Emergency Certificate of Incorporation (EGRIP) has been issued on the day following receipt of the request.

For the activities of their organization or individual entrepreneur requires various documents. But it is an extract from the register (EGRIP) is the most popular and popular. Did you sign a contract for the provision or performance of any work or services you need a notarized signature or to provide information to public authorities, an excerpt you will definitely need. Receive it is not difficult, if we collect all the documentation correctly. To date, you can personally submit the entire package of documents in the Uniform State Register or to make a warrant for an employee organization. For those who value their time and do not intend to return again to the issue of assistance to qualified companies experts in the field of obtaining extracts from the register (EGRIP). All you need is just to voice the name of your organization and its location, the rest of the collection of necessary information does staff particular company. Live in the modern world – that means use the maximum of its technology and methods of obtaining the necessary information. Trouble-free extracts to obtain – it is reality, not utopia.