In a crisis, demand falls, it is a fact. First of all suffering, of course, the market is B2C. The desire of its participants to maintain sales and profits leads to the desire to reduce costs. The result: a decrease in turnover in B2B. If we consider that a heavy component of any product is sometimes artificially inflated value of the brand, including marketing, the output of the need to review marketing budgets is obvious. Frenzied killing them, certainly not worth it. Any crisis is primarily an occasion to recognize errors and to optimize not optimized.

That is to abandon inefficient budget items and look for new ones, such as social marketing, for example. Or Internet marketing, because Value 1 contact on the Internet is significantly lower than that of any other means of advertising. Marketing budget anyway, must remain in the range of 5-10% of turnover. If you fall below the lower limit reduced speed. If you climb above the top, while developing, for example, new media marketing, it can lick and without in crisis financially stable company. It is also worthwhile to translate part of the marketing budgets to attract customers for their maintenance. It is no secret that the quality of customer service in the domestic companies are not always on top. And attracting new customers may "fall off" at the time of contact with manager. Not to mention the stage of order fulfillment and service. Here also is focusing its efforts.