Kia Motors Corporation

Kia Motors is the wizard of the guarantee. Clearly, without the delays and bureaucracy. And now my Sorento expect an extensive list of repair work, the bulk of which are on the conscience of the dealer and manufacturer provides warranty repair the car. Repair installation of rear axle of the upper catalyst removal corrosion body and the wiper arm The planned 130 thousand miles MOT Repairs heated front seats Repairs hours Restoring chrome finish door handles and grille cover lifter Recovery ‘glove’ standard antenna Repair Repair motor (eliminating hum and vibration) Restore the lower anchorages protection crankcase and gearbox. Repair generator pulley and at a mileage of 130 tons km. So what’s up to you whether you need such a problem with 4-year car or not. Summary: The most interesting thing in this story is that the owners of communicating KIA ‘Sorrento’ with a range of up to 35 million (with others unfortunately do not have) found that problems with the machine really. (The same was and to me).

But after 50 thousand .. ! Chances are an authorized service station KIA on the street. P. Usenko, 8 (as producer – the Korean company ‘KIA’ Kia Motors Corporation) does not recognize its flaws. After all documented direct there is no evidence, and a motorist will be involved in red tape with meticulous expert opinions. So everyone is left with solutions to their problems’ himself to himself. ” I want to warn other motorists that like a beautiful machine ‘KIA’ Sorento – Do not believe the advertising! Choose your other brand, if you do not want to go with the new car KIA way tribulations and disappointments. Vladislav 8-067-2776565 1.

Defects Sorento 2. The destruction of the chrome coating pen 3. Damage to the door handles Sorento 4. Door Handle driver 5. The destruction of the protective coating the wiper arm 6. The destruction of the protective coating the wiper arm 7. Corrosion Kia Sorento rear door 8. Corrosion of the rear doors KIA Sorento 9. Corrosion bar rear wiper.