Lingerie As A Synonym For Lingerie

Lingerie (French: linen things) is used as a synonym for lingerie. The term includes but yet the range of nightwear and Negligees. The relevant difference between the types of clothing: Lingerie and be worn in addition under other clothes, night – linen without them. Often, the word lingerie is also used to provide high quality. A touch of erotic adheres to the translation lingerie lingerie. Lingerie means but only lower “so underwear, underwear.

Elaborate lingerie are cuts by use of materials such as lace, silk, satin and refined but not less seductive, only less provocative. The first modern lingerie came in the 1950s from America article. Especially the lace cups of BHs were striking. In the 1960s, triggered by altered self-confidence of women lingerie were socially acceptable “= you could publicly talk about it.” The linen industry thanked with beautiful, masterful the character creations in the Range lingerie. Then became the fashion trend in the lingerie in the romantic, playful direction. Transparent materials prevailed. The 1990s linen collections showed more elegance and were significantly understated as the Flash, wild models of the 1980s. The so-called Corsetry include Bustier, corsets and bras are part of lingerie.

1914, Warner Brothers bought the patent on the first bra invented in 1913 by Caresse Crosby who separately worked per breast. The word Brasserie, which later arises the name BRA, shows up. Wonderbra, negligee, a peak occupied body, are all just perfect by perfect fit. Nothing must interfere with the wonderful feeling of fine substances on the skin. This justifies a higher price. BRA and a slip form, uniformly designed the classic lingerie unit, but also individually to buy. The sensual experience when buying fine lingerie in the business, you also arise, when one makes the shopping over the Internet at the moment in which the articles ordered in a convenient way free out of the box and pulls over.