Live Skydrive

Windows Live account with online services such as also installable programs. Windows Live Skydrive is a service that allows the storage in a virtual hard disk with a capacity of 25 GB to upload photos, files, documents, among other elements. It is now possible to store, organize and download the files to the Windows Live servers and access them using the Hotmail email account data. You can store up to 25 GB where the storage meter will show what is being used and how much is available. You can also choose individual permissions for each folder you created. Photos or files up to 50 MB in size can be uploaded.

It allows to share direct links to files or folders and possible notification to others when content has been added to the Skydrive account. When you upload photos and files or add modifications, Windows Live incorporates these actions to the list of what’s new on the Web site of Skydrive account contacts know there is news to see. One question circulating in the Web is above that way you can recover a folder if you have deleted accidentally or by technical failures of the site. The answer to that question is that to be stored the files on Windows Live servers it is not possible to retrieve them manually or through a program specific because you would have to access servers and obtain information, something that is virtually impossible to perform without the permission of the Server administrators. Communicate with the technical support of Skydrive and consider the situation, login to the Forum and see if there is a solution to this problem or you can send a request to the Forum to see that fashion can solve is advisable in these cases.