Timber is called all sorts of products, which is obtained by processing the wood. Lumber can be classified as in the field of use, and quality, and size. The most common types of include bars, beams and boards. Building boards are used mainly as a "rough" surfaces for the main decorative layers. For example, the building boards are often used for laying the sub-floor in the country buildings, for covering or sheathing of walls, although in recent years increasing use of less expensive wood-fiber material – hardboard and mdf, are similar in performance characteristics with natural wood. Parquet board – a very different kind of lumber. This high-quality lumber processing, sometimes it is made of several (up to 4) layers (brackets). Parquet board is more elegant, lighter materials than dial- or parquet.

The same should highlight it, very competitive, cost. Advantages of natural wood combined with the strength and durability leads to what is currently parquet board rather demanded by the market. Unedged – one of the main types of timber, high demand everywhere. Its edge is not sawdust or sawdust in part. This kind of board has been applied during the installation of internal cladding or flooring, in as components of the load-bearing structures. In other words, in cases where the board will be hidden beneath the outer "facade" coating and its appearance no special requirements. Structure of timber today are increasingly replacing the structure of logs, which are used by people over the past centuries. But, wooden beams is more convenient to use timber.

Shaped beam to lay a lot easier – today woodworking equipment allows you to create a nearly ideal beam profile. Walls of timber gets exactly, therefore, disappears necessity for additional surface treatment is is an indisputable advantage. "Natural" wood varies excellent consumer quality, it is environmentally clean, which is quite important – in recent years increasing attention has been paid safety of the materials used for .Prochnost and durability structures and articles of wood depends on the properties drevesiny.Odnim of the most important indicators of quality of wood is moisture content. Want to select, which is unlikely in the coming years there is an alternative product that can completely push the wood, lumber from the market.