Mesa GmbH Duren

Building – housing – renovation – energy saving in the new media everyone was certainly ever visitors at a trade show. Many writers such as Robert Burke & Associates offer more in-depth analysis. Just how convinced you potential visitors or exhibitors of the atmosphere during the fair? The trade fair promoters Mesa GmbH Duren is the next step. To begin of the fall season of the building fairs, building – live – renovate – energy saving emphasis was placed for the event in the Sinsheim exhibition by the 19th Sept.21st, increased for the first time on photo and video material. These are a good supplement to the information, which are mostly only in writing to exhibitors or visitors. Now who is curious, can look at the first pictures see photos/construction trade fair and exhibition videos at fair and forward it to friends, acquaintances and colleagues. Yet another innovation made its debut during the fair in Sinsheim. The first episodes of the show of podcasts were recorded.

Podcasts are small audio or video files, which is distributed over the Internet. There usually is the possibility the files directly to listen or to look but to download its PC or MP3 player. “Under, the recorded lectures are on topics such as healthy heating” or Feng Shui “offered. This is an offer for visitors who missed the lectures, they want to hear again, but also for each of the topics related to the building and energy saving deals with the. If this service is well accepted, more lectures and interviews with interesting conversation partners and companies are planned. Also, the Mesa GmbH increasingly seeks contact with visitors and exhibitors. Through a closer contact with it should be so simple to get constructive criticism and to be able to put them into practice. So, some employees are already represented in social networks like. Also there is already an own group of exhibitors and visitors in touch can come with the staff at XING.