Metallurgical Plant Companies

The problem of 'free places' still relevant for road transport. Until now, many companies to carry goods with different dimensions using the same means of transport: as a rule, long-length vehicles. This leads to a waste of expensive fuel, limited the possibilities of maneuver in urban environments, which affects the timing of delivery. To optimize the transportation companies need to use special types of transportation. For example, Iveco trucks mark with six-meter body is well suited to handle small orders (up to 15 tons of metal).

Such machines can be equipped with a manipulator, which allows more and more refuse handling equipment. 'Modern Smelting Company should be prepared to transport different types of cargo – said Denis Chetverikov, Director of Logistics of the Russian business unit (European provider of solutions made of metal for construction and engineering industries). – In addition, have to work with other related goods. For example, the transport of sandwich panels, necessary for the construction of buildings of metal and having a relatively low density, we use a trailer bodies 83 cu. m. This is convenient, efficient and inexpensive. " Along with rail and road transport in Russia are increasingly being used ships.

In this case, as the practice of foreign and domestic companies, need to move from a simple '' cargo to its transport container. So, in order to reduce the cost of transportation Cherepovets Metallurgical Plant has started to ship metal for export in containers. By According to Igor Nechaev, commercial director of the company, it reduces transport costs by avoiding unnecessary production of transshipments in the ports, as well as more effectively to build logistics in limited areas.