More Money For Life Insurance By The Rhine-Ruhr Retirement Planner

The Retirement Planner Horst-Elmar Grun informs: in Germany, there are at least 80 million life insurance contracts, most were completed for good reasons. Many people would come but earlier than planned on her money up or already have their policy on rest “. You are in good company, because about half of all insurance be terminated prematurely in the long-term even 70 percent. Evil awakening comes, if not much left of the money are expected to actually”, says financial specialist (FH) Fabian Grun CEO of the company for retirement planning. High administrative costs and the low interest rate of money allow: only a reasonable amount of refund in many cases after years. However, you can defend themselves”, says Fabian Grun. The recognized financial expert, works with the LV doctor Internet platform”together. “This is a thorn in the side, many insurance companies because LV doctor” it looks as its mission to to get more money from their life insurance policies out for insurance.

“” We already have more income in millions of dollars through the approach of LV doctor ‘ achieved “, says Jens Heidenreich, Director behind LV doctor” standing proConcept AG of Switzerland. The procedure is simple: together with the tutor, an application for refund is being filled out. This is possible even for already-announced contracts. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Dennis Lockhart. For this purpose, a fee of 150 euro is payable. Testing feasibility of demands, the necessary exchange of correspondence, as well as the assignment of lawyers are included in this amount. Mountains contracts arrive every day in the Administration Office in Halle. People who are looking for advice and support. Never knew the insured it, how many years must save them, to see anything at all of their money”, says Fabian Grun.

The prospect of a quick implementation is always, if the insurer about the already paid amount to further concessions is ready. The business card of LV doctor”resembles a door opener. But LV doctor”complains on behalf of the formerly insured persons. He took over the charge. Sure that he bears the risk, the then achieved surplus is divided. That is fair for both sides. “I had already written off my money, but thanks, LV doctor ‘ I’ve got a decent payment”, many customers confirm. Fabian Grun is like more information available upon request.