Many people the spend is the greater part of his life feeling offended by what your partner makes them or made them. What I’m going to say is going to be surprised, and if you accept it, can radically change the way you interact with your partner or another person. Anyone has offended you! They are your expectations of what you expect from your partner that you hurt. And you think the expectations with your thoughts. They are not real. They are imaginary. If you expect your partner to react in this or that way and your partner did not do so it hasn’t done you anything.

It is you who you’ve offended by the difference between what you were expecting that she did with you and what he really did. That is what hurts you. To broaden your perception, visit Kenneth R. Feinberg. Again I say unto you, that is in your imagination. And in the same way it happens with any other person. If you expect your parents to give you more love, and did not give it, you don’t have to feel offended.

They are your expectations of what an ideal father should do with you, you were raped. And your ideas are those that hurt you. Do angry with God?They are your beliefs of what it should do God, which you hurt. God never offends and hurts nobody. He feel offended by what others do you (in reality nobody makes you nothing) will disappear when you better know the source of those offenses. When we are born, we are born authentic. But will gradually lose our true nature, artificially replacing it with concepts that our parents and society teach us, thus, creating a model, sometimes false how should be the things in all aspects of life and how we should act against others. One of the biggest sources of offenses, is the of trying to impose our point of view or belief about something. When tell you your partner what to do and she tells you no, resentments are created by double-entry. First, you feel offended because he or she did not do what you wanted, and second, he or she is offended because you not accepted you as it is. Recalls, the problem and its cause, are always in the form or idea I have in my mind about what I think, as you would say the programming Neurolinguistics of mind map: The map not is the territory. By your inner peace, Bernardo Plata. original author and source of the article.