New Business Card

Apps for smartphones are on the rise. Apps are on the rise. More and more companies and retailers see the potential of your own app to customer acquisition and loyalty! They wish for a simple app for mobile business card, they are represented on the Smartphones of its customers, shy away from high costs for programming. The Hamburg guys from have recognized the trend toward mobile applications and specialized quick and cheap to create an app companies that works as a mobile business card on the iPhone. Receives who the most important corporate information, a photo gallery, video, news (also via RSS feed), contact data with Google-maps map and a direct call button, with which the company immediately customers can call the customer a business card app with a logo button for the iPhone for only $99. “Provides its own business card app”, according to estimation of Appdo makers Knut Ingwersen, “company the following advantages: the app is cheap, easy and provides the most important information at a glance to the” Companies. The best is the viral aspect: the company may disclose your app via SMS, email, Facebook, Twitter, or even on their own website. And customers and friends can do so also it because the app is downloaded not in Apple’s app store but directly. And at a price that a company normally spends for printing 1000 business cards.” Knut Ingwersen