New Year

2010, as expected, has not brought improvement in the situation of financial crisis. It was the year of farewell to the old familiar way of life, so what was left of our old attitudes and beliefs. We were given the opportunity to throw a last glance at the wreck and say goodbye to those that will never return. Neither the economy nor art, nor business, nor the financial market, nor policy, nor the price of the house, no monthly fee – nothing will again be the same as it was before. We are on the verge of completely new laws and regulations, new methods of economic development, politics and the world at large. It is such superglobal change promises, Uranus, who in March-April, finally change the sign, pass from Pisces Aries and lay a new long cycle of 84 years. That's when it really would make sense to celebrate the New Year, so it's 12/11 March 2011! At this time, Uranus enters Aries in the first degree, and will welcome the astrological event, which will eventually lead to revolutionary changes in many areas of our lives. Uranus – a planet anarchism and for freedom, originality and brilliant talents, reform and revision of values. Under this planet is born very talented people, astrologers and astronomers, thinkers and philosophers, computer scientists and scholars seers and esoteric He gives fenomentalnye qualities of mind, the ability to create and feel new. This planet is "Indigo Children" and clairvoyants, those who have true freedom of spirit and not subject to authority.