Oberhausen City

The German city information Marketing AG informed the Germans how to report city information as a leading Internet marketing agency white, is dependent on an economically successful acting nowadays necessarily a professional Internet presence. However, this does not mean that traditional print products might become obsolete. At the latest, when contacts with real customers and business partners are recorded or maintained, a uniform design of business equipment, information material and other printed materials become important. The German city information sees itself as Fullserviceagentur, which is professional to its customers in all aspects of the company presentation. Against this background, the Oberhausen company implements an integrated design of home pages and print products, which reach their customers benefit from income corporate designs from a single source. Print products are a concrete expression of corporate identity. Whether it is Office equipment, or a variety of information materials: printed materials an essential part of business life, which is given in the hands of customers and business partners. The German city information of corporate designs that create professional corporate images through a visually uniform effect of Internet and print products designed to optimize the corporate image of their clients.

From identifying business core competencies and values the German city information developed from logos, whose representation power remains in the memory. Their recognition holds together websites, business equipment, information materials and all other commercially used print products in the form of a consistent corporate design. Print design is more than just logo design of course. The German city information helps its clients in fully professional information materials and office equipment, which guarantee an optimal self-presentation from business cards to letter paper. Whether in the Internet marketing or print the Oberhausen for Fullservicemarketing advisors their customers as professional partner reliably to the side and like to further questions.