Paraguay Purchases

Many Brazilian ones go to Paraguay to make purchases, mainly in Ciudad del This. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Nickolas Carr by clicking through. However, some more illed-inform they can finish not obtaining to pass its products for customs, therefore they can be unaware of the laws that conduct the entrance of merchandises in Brazil comings of Paraguay. Therefore, we go to give some tips of as Paraguay purchases without problems. In Paraguay, you it only can buy products with tax exemption in the value until 300,00 US$ who will be and to come back by terreste (Bridge of the Friendship) and in the value of 500,00 US$ who will be to make a trip by airmail, breaking of Ciudad del This and disembarking in any airport of Brazil. If the purchases to exceed the value of the quota of US$ 300,00, will be necessary to pay the aliquot one of 50% on the excess, and in the case of the value of US$ 500,00, 50% on US$ 200,00, the equivalent are charged US$ 100,00. Who goes to Paraguay receives a DBA? Declaration of Folloied Luggage. This document is a form that must be filled by all the Brazilians who bring merchandises above of the quota of tax exemption of US$ 300,00 and US$ 500,00. Thus, it takes care in the hour to pass for the Bridge of the Friendship.

If its quota will be of until US$ 300,00 will not be necessary to present the DBA, but if its purchases to exceed this limit, present the form not to have problems. Valley to stand out that the DBA is gratuitous and is available in the Brazilian custom house Da Ponte of the Friendship. Another important tip is never, in hypothesis some, to accept to buy the DBA of ambulant salesmen, therefore the form (it is gratuitous) can have been counterfeited, and if you, the owner of the merchandises, will be stopped in the Federal Prescription and to present the false document, beyond losing all the carried through purchases, also could imprisoned and be condemned by being carrying a false document. In the Declaration of Folloied Luggage, information as personal data of the declarant must consist, the description of the acquired products and the value of the merchandises (whenever the total of the purchases to exceed the quota of exemption). Thus, if the Federal Prescription to stop its car to revistar the luggage, you will have as to prove that it is taking of legal form the merchandises for Brazil. To make purchases in Paraguay, is therefore, due to great easiness, one forms to gain an extra money inside reselling in Brazil the bought products of the quota of tax exemption established. It enters the looked merchandises more, the purchase of clothes in Paraguay, for example, is one of the most carried through, since many Brazilians buy products in the neighboring country to resell in its cities. The success of sales is guaranteed, therefore, many times, the Brazilians if more than risk and go to Paraguay a time for month for more purchases. However, she is necessary to have in mind that the quota of tax exemption has validity of 30 days. Therefore, if you to make purchases in Paraguay today, you will only have right to bring merchandises for Brazil, without paying taxes, after 30 days.