Poor Quality Acrylic Bathtubs

Important points when choosing a bath. And also talk about acrylic and whirlpool. Jacuzzi (Jacuzzi) – a company that, along with the copy machine made happy fate to become a household name, but, in contrast to the copiers, which are all called Xerox, most any spa called Jacuzzi. The name comes from North American firms, which organized the mass production. The company was founded in 1917, one of seven brothers, immigrants from Italy, by the name Jacuzzi, around 1900 he moved to the United States.

Initially the company engaged in manufacturing aircraft and later – hydraulic pumps for agricultural use, and eventually, in 1956, Candido Whirlpool (Candido Jacuzzi (1903-1986)) invented the jacuzzi. In 1968, Roy Jacuzzi received a commercial license of this invention, and also established its particular form in which the nozzles are integrated into the very architecture of the baths. In fact, the company Jacuzzi belongs to the sky-luxury bathrooms, equipment does not justify its price. The Russian market is now flooded pseudo acrylic bathtubs, questionable production, where the majority of consumer goods are imported from China that can not withstand any criticism! Original brands Teuco, Jacuzzi, Albotros, Systems Pool …. distinguishes the excellent quality and exorbitant prices. So if money is not sorry, it will be a long bath and honestly serve the bathrooms ….( price of this class begins with 3000 euros) Chinese baths differ Excessive equipment. There are models with TVs, in China you can even bath with a computer game book. Most of the Chinese baths, which are supplied to Russia, are of low quality.