PostSoviet Teambuilding

Recently topic of corporate culture strenuously debated at all levels of organizations: the top think compulsory execution of corporate rituals, bottoms are puzzled about the performance of these often ridiculous, the rules. But that in modern Russia took root western corporate standards should not be surprising, because the soil is well prepared. Even during Soviet times, each staff member attended the mandatory planning meetings, five-minute, Party meeting, went on holiday demonstrations and voluntary work, factories and schools entire teams went into collective farms, building sites of urban values. That this is not the norm in organizational culture, transforms organizations teambuilding modernity? origins of the ritual, the objectives of its implementation – is ready to offer the options of emotions and experiences, the direction of sentiment in some, the right organizations, mainstream, anyway, rituals bring to life the company measured and structure of its existence. Moreover, the rituals can be both imposed from above in a formal form (morning hymns, raising the flag) and form spontaneously within the team (tea at 5 o'clock, dinners, rollover a couple drinks on Fridays). For example, companies, mostly consisting of the staff of one professional education and history – military – the daily flag raising and morning greetings text help cope with heavy loads, work in a hectic, feeling calm and firmness of principles. An important role is played by permanent and unobtrusive reminder of the work distsipline.Glavnoe not slide into the bare formalism of team building activities and try to recruit a staff who share common interests of the company.