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menthamedia launches – Klaas Fischer takes lead for the launch of his new company publishing the corporate publishing service providers on July 1, menthamedia”, founder, Andreas Farahzad, 34, has a lot a drop: with Klaas fishing we have brought a further experts to Nuremberg, with which we journalistically and conceptual so professionally will implement everything for our customers, as they want it on the subject of communication by the customer magazine up to the television post. It offers almost no other company.” Klaas Fischer, former Sales Director of Kassel’s large corporate publishing company, will guide the Agency effective immediately. As external service provider advises and supports the approximately 25-member expert team, consisting of experienced graphic designers, journalists and technicians, companies, to implement communication measures – in the print, Web, and mobile applications. It aims to create top journalistic formats, which retain customers with high-quality and interesting stories. For years, he recorded Corporate publishing sector growing sales figures in billions of dollars. More and more companies are recognizing the importance of a single, comprehensive and high-quality journalistic communication that is precisely aligned to your own audience. menthamedia a large portfolio offers his services, which covers all communication channels.

menthamedia next level publishing – a finanzpark company is a successful Nuremberg financial Publishing House, well-known customers such as Deutsche Bank, Dresdner Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland looks after already for more than 10 years. The young corporate publishing service provider menthamedia has comprehensive and professional solutions in the field of fully integrated communication in all industries specialized in.