Rolland Team

Among them is Anthony Charteau, with a brilliant performance in the Tour de France in 2010 and winner of the award for the best climber. The team also has some of the runners young most promising of France as Cyril Gautier and Pierre Rolland, who will have the opportunity this season to show its full potential. Specialists in classic as Sebastien Turgot, Haddou Said and Sebastien Chavanel will be, key to the achievement of the ambitious objectives. And, finally, three young and promising runners complete the combination: Jerome Cousin, Tony Hurel and Kevin Reza, from team Vendee, who was crowned champion of France in 2010. Jean-Rene Bernaudeau, Director of the Europcar team: are pleased to welcome the Group Europcar as main international sponsor of the team. I am especially proud for the support offered to us to achieve our goals in 2011.

With an excellent template supporting their most experienced stars, the Europcar team is in conditions successfully fight for a place in first division in 2012. I am sure that this year there will be new talent and everyone will demonstrate its true potential. Philippe Guillemot, Consejeo, delegate of the Europcar group: we are proud to present to the Europcar team and each of its components. Having a leading team wearing our colours, is very important to our brand strategy as a European leader in car rental services. Each day, in each of our branches and franchises present in 150 countries, we offer innovative solutions that meet the transportation needs of our customers in the holiday market in the business sector. All our employees, those of our franchises, as well as our customers is my desire to support our team. I wish you the best success and that will be crowned a great season. The Europcar team components: 1 – Yukiya Arashiro (JAP) 2 – Giovanni later (FR) 3 – Franck Bouyer (FR) 4 – Sebastien Chavanel (FR) 5 – Anthony Charteau (FR) 6 – Mathieu Claude (FR) 7 – Jerome cousin (FR) 8 – Cyril Gautier (FR) 9 – Damien Gaudin (FR) 10 – Yohann Gene (FR) 11 – Haddou Said (FR) 12 – Vincent Jerome (FR) 13 – Tony Hurel (FR) 14 – Christophe Kern (FR) 15 – Guillaume Le Floch (FR) 16 – Perrig Quemeneur (FR) 17 – Alexandre Pichot (FR) 18-Kevin Reza (FR) 19-Pierre Rolland (FR) 20-David Veilleux (CAN) 21-Sebastien Turgeot (FR) 22-Thomas Voeckler (FR) contacts of press of Europcar’s team: Press Office of Havas Sports & Entertainment 0033 (0) 1 58 47 84 95 – 0033 (0) 1 58 47 90 52 Press Office of Europcar source: press release sent by evasanguino.