Sales Partners Transparent

Correct accounting of Commission for sales partners secure the motivation there is nothing worse for the distribution, as a statement that is not true or is too late. The FABI’s Commission is a reliable, clear construction and audit-proof tool that takes over independent all tasks relating to sales partner statements for you. It supports the plan every career in the company, as well as the distribution partner billing and provides many valuable, meaningful and clear statistics to the control of the business and to the calculation. The Commission calculation system of FABI’s offers despite its wide function, ease of use, transparency and flexible customization options. In calculating commissions, free and permanent employees, distribution partners, third-party distributors such as well tipster in unlimited tree depth can be settled.

In addition, the Commission accounting is multi-client capable, which means that unlimited distributors or sales organizations each with their own career plan and its own range of products in managed and can be settled. The operating system-independent Commission accounting system by FABI’s is to fit the individual requirements through configuration. The computational core for the calculation of the different formulas is to purchase standard package. The integration of the solution into an any system environment is possible via the interfaces for import and export. Interfaces to SAP are already realized. A settlement of the commissions, that accurate, timely, and transparent is handed to the intermediary, guaranteed dedicated distribution partners! “, as Bertram Stratz, Managing Director of FABI’s.” The motivation of bonus systems, special allowances and arrangements for specific time periods or products must be billed transparent. Irregularities in the settlement are a very sensitive point in sales. Handout