Soluzione Elearning

Soluzione knowledge company brings you e-learning for Windows 7 already in may on the market. 250 pages PDF training material belong to the learning platform. An English version follows. Munich, April 2010. Soluzione knowledge company brings you e-learning for Windows 7 already in may on the market.

The learning platform that can be used in companies of every size, comes together with 250 pages of PDF courseware and is suitable both as a stand-alone training solution and as an adjunct to face-to-face. The English version of the innovative learning environment appears in the course of the year. For all companies that have not switched to Windows Vista, the opportunity for a change to the latest generation of operating system offers now with Windows 7. And because the time distance to predecessors such as XP has accepted already historic proportions, is a qualification for the new Windows 7 to the absolute must-have. Therefore, the Munich-based learning experts have developed the soluzione learning world for Windows 7. The computer-based Learning platform is suitable as a stand-alone training solution, as well as complementing classroom training in companies of every size.

It comes with 250 DIN A 4-pages training materials in PDF format. The documents are written exclusively by soluzione authors and matched exactly on all content of the learning platform. All 46 units are available as usual for soluzione each in three different formats: as detailed operating instructions, 2-4-minute interactive learning movie and quick start guide. So has the student for every case that has produced suitable medium to hand the extent that comprehensively with a new feature to make it familiar or refresh existing knowledge. A service that motivated not only to learners. Also from an economic standpoint valuable working time is saved, if all learning units in terms of content and the circumference made fit to the required location. The soluzione learning world for Windows 7 is based on a technology called the evolved result from a collaboration with the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich shall apply. Due to this interface for science and research, soluzione has been traditionally used for e-learning, which takes the findings of modern psychology to the model. Also an English language version of the soluzione learning world for Windows 7 is planned for the year 2010. News as always be found under: (Alexander Schinz)