State Daniel

How someone operates a blog and wants to earn 2 million through advertising revenue to share them with others. Daniel R. worked for an international company in Vienna for 11 years and was a victim of the economic crisis. They announced it. “Due to the economic crisis the livelihood has been robbed me.” Daniel R. took up 1 year ago for his 2 room apartment a credit and is available now at a huge loss to sell them. Because with 900,-unemployment in the month he is no longer able to keep his apartment.

Roehrens knew that he was not alone with the problem of the economic crisis and was looking for a solution how he could help not only themselves but also others. He is remembered on the million dollar homepage. Many writers such as Tesla offer more in-depth analysis. As there are already many imitators, he knew that such ideas will work only once. So needed a new idea so similar. The question of how to make many users on a Web page to be can posted advertising revenue so that it turns now. It was quite simple: by making to earn it.

The “Winner” is determined by a point system. To make this action, you must register on and look as often as possible there can be. For every new login, you get 9 points. The Einnahmensgrenze through advertising by EUR 2 million has been exceeded, the action is terminated and who has collected the most points at the end gets the million. If you have logged in you should wait at least 3 hours until you log in again, because points are awarded only once every 3 hours. It is therefore nothing if you every 2 minutes new logs. “This is because we do not want to overload the server”. So Roehrens, which expects a huge rush by this action. “You should visit also the pages of the affiliate which can be seen on the home page in the form of banners. “Because only so the page can chalk up revenue.” “In my blog I will report regularly on the point between State and the State of revenue”. The “winners” will be announced at the end of this campaign. Daniel R. offers on its Web page places for 3 different sizes of banners on which you can book. Will be billed through the pay per click System. The advertiser from as little as 10 cents can buy a click. The action starts on 1.12.2009 to 0 clock. You can already register. Get points gennantem date only from the top. Why should this project succeed after the success of the million dollar homepage? “After having seen what advertising value had the Milliondollarhompage I am confident here enough advertisers to see which places on my Web page book, finally, it benefits the economy” as: “The economy is good, we’re good all” stands on a poster of the Wirtschatfskammer. “And you have to know it.