State Government

Maza Zavala He highlighted as an article tells about the theme developed by Gerardo Hersen, that that possibility of import depends at the same time there are currency to do so and which are food, medicines and articles of first necessity in the world, where are increasingly scarce. Venezuela concerning the medicinal products currently is facing a serious problem, shortage, look extremely dangerous for health and especially the increase of prices, highly expensive products, which marginalizes a significant percentage of the population who can not afford them. You have to take into account also stated, the crisis food global and raw materials increases that it is it becoming more serious every day; This hinders the possibility of resorting to the importation, the Dr. To know more about this subject visit Chief of Staff. Zavala emphasized that the dependence on oil is ever greater, much more than any time of Venezuelan history; in other words, this is a vulnerable economy and that is always in coincidentally precarious situation. It is estimated that high oil prices will not remain for a long time, there will always be readjustments in the possible market, and depend on it, without that there is an alternative in the country is how to put in the eye of the hurricane.

He indicated that the Government, from time to time, announces punctual or eventual measures, but in reality lacks a real plan to bring down inflation; because that plan should include not only to agencies of the State itself, but also private and sectors affected by the phenomenon of inflation and shortages. Maza Zavala warned that if excludes producers, intermediaries, consumers and workers of the plans that the Government has or elaborate, it lacks consistency because it would be a Government plan and not national. A great reality and extremely worrying, especially when there is a great paralysis in the productive sectors of the country, in addition to unemployment, low wages and the high cost of living.