Struck Corporation

These vehicles include bulldozers, made on the basis of tractor DT-75 plants Pavlodar (JSC Kazahstantraktor) and Volgograd and bulldozers to hitch on the tractors of JSC “Altai Tractor. Under license from the DT-75 in China, the company manufactures the bulldozers YTO International Series . In all these bulldozers are used manual transmission, including a reverse gear. For all of these machines is characterized by one detail – the trim on the nose “that, given the design of the sprung rollers affects the productivity is not the best manner. Total in Russia bulldozer blade on the basis of farm tractors produced eight companies, and a number of modifications possible in the aggregation (albeit only at the expense of capacity installed on Base tractor diesel engine), more than thirty. It is worth noting that the universal snow plow for tractors hauling Class 3 produces only OAO Kazahstantraktor “(former Pavlodar Tractor Plant).

Smallest bulldozer in the Soviet Union produced in Chisinau (tractor T-80S traction class 2), and the smallest in the world of bulldozers Magnatrac since 1964 an American company produces S. F. Struck Corporation. This lawn and garden tractor is equipped with a 10-horsepower gasoline engine and with its modest size (1,33 x1, 03h0, 69 m) fit in the back of a light van or pickup truck. Industrial tractors second line construction bulldozers on the basis of crawler tractors for industrial use in recent time becomes more popular.