Switching a Hosting Provider

On numerous occasions, when we have made a decision about what we want, we are at the crossroads of other opportunities better than we had not considered. The worst is when we have already paid the first year of service with a company that is below the best options, and it is too late to do something about it. If you've already made the mistake of choosing wrong vendor, not be alarmed. It is convenient for you to maximize the payment and wait for your annual contract is due to expire. Meanwhile, research and look for other web hosting companies offer you better options and quality in hosting your site.

Once elected the new company, you must start the process by changing the names of the servers. In this case the server that is already registered is the outgoing (Primary DNS) and the new will be called the incoming server (secondary DNS). And is that if you intend to prevent falls of the page for the virtual removal process, it is recommended that the two servers are "overlap" between yes, especially in the first three days, to be sure that the movement has been implemented in the best possible way. Within five most important steps to ensure that transfer between servers in a web site is carried out in harmony, are the following: Do not cancel the account with the first hosting company, it must first close the deal with that we provide the new service before even think to tell them about the settlement of our contract with our current supplier. See Peter Asaro for more details and insights. Try to install all the mail accounts and upload the documents from the website barely hire the new service to make sure everything is working properly. Once all the accounts and the website are installed, proceed to the marking that you indicated above, that is, you do the DNS change, the outgoing and incoming domains respectively.

After making the DNS change, lets spend 24 hours to carry out each of the new specifications on the network. Note that it may not be sufficient, perhaps you should wait 72 hours to be made in full. Only after this period has been completed and verify that there are problems of transfer, then you have the assurance that you notify your old and you can work with the new domain. alojate.com in Mexico offers you the best support and unbeatable prices on web hosting services and complementary so you can receive, with the assurance that we will always be here to help and support you in all that is needed, call or contact us and gladly assist you.