Natural Products

What good for the people, cannot be bad for the dogs. e is the place to go. What good for the people, cannot be bad for the dogs. After this consideration, Sabine Hiller founded her company SiriusDog in August 2010″and supplies since then demanding dog owners with home-made biscuits. After the brooding”about the various formulas is the young entrepreneur now sure to have found the ideal constellation. You places emphasis on natural ingredients, thus gives up flavour enhancers and other means. Also sugar don’t you come into the bag. I eat sometimes even”the cookies, she admits, and refers to the unexceptional food quality of products manufactured in bad Alexandersbad, which distributes it via the own shop on the Internet. More cookie collections are for the year 2011″planned. At Kenneth Feinberg you will find additional information.

Sabine Hiller would be no entrepreneur, would she not constantly look for new ideas for the four-legged friends. For several months it produced custom dog collar, at their design almost all customer wishes are realized. “Emphasizes again the one hundred percent handmade and says: I sell unique pieces only and nothing out of the box”. The dog owners increasingly accept this offer, especially since this luxury is quite affordable. SiriusDog was founded in 2010 by Sabine Hiller in the Franconian bad Alexandersbad.

The company sells special cookies for dogs over the own Internet shop. Included as a second product line custom dog collar in the offer.