Aloe Vera Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin disease of unknown origin. It usually occurs between 15 and 35 years and is characterized by its appearance in times of stress or lowering of defenses, which is associated with psychosomatic causes. The most frequent manifestations occur in the scalp, nails, elbows and folds of the skin, but can be extended across her forehead, arms, legs, and in general anywhere in the body. Learn more at: Herbalife. The variety of causes this disease makes it difficult to treat. YOU IS SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES? Psoriasis is a disease particularly unsightly and uncomfortable. Normally this is a peeling, sometimes with inflammation and itching. When the outbreak disappears skin regains its normal appearance and re-grow beautiful.

Nevertheless, other types of psoriasis, such as arthritis or postulates, more extensive and disruptive than can cover the entire body. Further details can be found at Home Depot, an internet resource. Is it curable? Psoriasis is a chronic disease. There are treatments that appease the symptoms, but for now we can not hope to cure it permanently. The patient with psoriasis should assume that in moments of weakness, stress or depression defenses will reappear the outbreak. Mild cases are treated with topical medications such as antibiotics, cortisone, lubricants, moisturizers, which are not always effective, and in some cases such as cortisone have major contraindications. “He caught? Psoriasis is not contagious. It extends by the body during an outbreak, but not spread to others. “How to deal? The symptoms of psoriasis should be treated topically with anti-inflammatory, emollient, moisturizing, regenerative and soothing.

It is always preferable to use natural ointments, as chemical agents, often have contra-indications, and secondly the body, the skin, others notice them, tend to defend themselves or get used and eventually cease to be effective. “CMO PREVENT Good food, high defenses, and the elimination of toxins are essential in preventing of psoriasis. A diet rich in minerals, vitamins and amino acids is the basis of health from disease organisms that attack the weak. THE ALOE VERA AND PSORIASIS Ingestion of drinking Aloe vera drink aloe provides much of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed for good nutrition and good health both for the body. Besides acting on the renal system diluting toxins and facilitating their elimination. That is, attacking the disease from their origin. Another component of aloe vera has been proven effective against psoriasis is salicylic acid, which administered in a cream also enhances the penetration of it moisturizes the skin and has an emollient effect. Aloe vera acts as a cell regenerator across the skin of our body. Aloe vera-based lotions creams Applying aloe vera gives rich results in most cases mitigate the outbreak of psoriasis, (especially in the initial moments, when the scales are few), relieve symptoms and, with the application constant, eliminate them. It is recommended that the composition of natural creams used in the treatment of psoriasis also contain acids and moisturizing components, supplementing the action of aloe vera, providing oils that are lost with the peeling skin.


The role of bacteria in the development of gastric and duodenal ulcers has long been assumed. In 1893 he first talked about finding micro-organisms in the stomach of animals, and in the 1940s, data were obtained on their discovery in Australia reported the presence of bacteria forms a spiral. In recent months, Kenneth R. Feinberg has been very successful. Since 1989, around the world this organism called Helicobacter pylori (Hp). Today, there are several factors that enable HP to settle in, and then a long stay in the body owner: Spiral formNalichie enzymes adaptatsiiAdgezivnost – The ability to bind Hp to epithelial cells zheludkPodavlenie immune system – as shown by the results of studies, the microorganisms can suppress immunity vmestny There are several mechanisms by which H is the development of the disease: Toxins and toxic fermentyStimulyatsiya vospaleniyIzmenenie zheludkToksiny physiology and Epidemiology of toxic enzymes Hp infection usually occurs in childhood and if left untreated is present in the body indefinitely. Hp infection rate among children ages 2 to 8 years in developing countries 10% per year, reaching almost 100% of the adult age. In developed countries the prevalence of H also increases with age, but infection in children is relatively low. The natural routes of transmission Hp tank is above all a man, but infection is also found in domestic cats, monkeys and pigs.

There are two possible routes of transmission: fecal-oral and, to a lesser extent, oral-oral. Fecal-oral putCherez contaminated drinking water (Hp can survive up to 2 weeks in cold river and sea water). When eating raw vegetables, which is used for watering the untreated waste water. Oral-oral putImeyutsya data with a high survival rate for Hp in dental plaque and slyune.Naimenee frequent – not through disinfected endoscopes and biopsy forceps (iatrogenic transmission). DISEASES RELATED NELICOBACTER PYLORI Hp is found in patients suffering from these diseases: peptic ulcer (ulcer disease; BU) GastritNeyazvennaya dyspepsia (NYAD) Gastric cancer Gastric and duodenal ulcers: from 90 to 100% of individuals with duodenal ulcers are infected with a stomach infection Hp.Pri BU Hp close to 85% of the most convincing evidence of the role of Hp in the development of ulcers is a positive trend in the course of the disease after eradication therapy.

Discussion Questions On Tuberculosis

Controversial issues in tuberculosis report was presented at the scientific conference "Current problems of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis. Hear other arguments on the topic with Air Force Chief of Staff. On the centenary of the birth of Academician FG Yanovsky, "It's no secret that one of the main problems Phthisiology – is the lack of effective drugs for incurable forms of tuberculosis, whose number continues to grow. No one can not yet predict when will be found effective drug. If we do something wrong, then as a rule, the question always arises – but we can not look there? For some reason, quite forgotten that even before antibiotic treatment has already been experimentally proven to be effective treatment of fats Carl Trinchera. "With great surprise, – said the scientist – at the next examination recorded the presence of X-rays done sterile cavities." No other method of treatment can not achieve consciousness and what we are taught.

Life has repeatedly confirmed to us that very often the knowledge that we are taught later deemed erroneous. Does anyone doubt that the cure – is the result of the elimination wand Koch? And K. Trincher on this basis put forward such as the correct hypothesis: Effective recovery occurs because fat affect the tubercle bacillus. Later, when it entered the life of antimycobacterial drugs, the researchers decided to substantiate this hypothesis. But they were disappointed. The experiments have convincingly shown that fats are not able to hit the bacterium. Based on classical theory and on the basis of the results obtained in experiment, they set out to have my own hypothesis, which clearly contradicts the first: the treatment is ineffective in fat, as fat does not affect the bacteria. Since then, a belief that is completely proved impossible to treat TB in fat, and about this method is long forgotten. That conclusion was decisive Trinchera followers that refused zhirolecheniya. During this time, unfortunately, lost the use of fat recipes.