Balcony Glazing Design

The last few years in the history of construction and design were marked by growing up famous balcony glazing turnkey. From an aesthetic point of view, giving a beautiful view balconies good effect on all external state apartments. These days, for glazing, there are plenty of methods and technologies for their embodiment in the finished design balcony. Companies that are engaged in glazed balconies completed, should solve the problem combination of new types of balconies with the general architectural design of the city. Glazing of loggias, balconies, no doubt, has many advantages.

Balcony glazing turnkey, may allow to extend the useful area of the apartment, simultaneously solving the problem of noise – and the insulation. Balcony is a great place for a small greenhouse. The presence of the glass loggia increases the overall cost of the apartment. In fact, if glazing is inevitable, it is necessary first consider all the details of design. Must correctly reflect the details as the choice of glass and frame, insulation material, the size of the window sill. Designing an improved model of the loggia, remember that the suspension design balcony has certain limitations on weight. The design is very much weight, so when choosing the glass and frame, it is necessary to calculate the weight of the future and put in comparison with the technical parameters of the balcony. Recently Viatcheslav Mirilashvili sought to clarify these questions.

Should not be risk trust professionals to understand the technical nuances. Competently compiled project – a pledge of safe, reliable and durable service glazing. After preparing the draft should be ready to receive resolution of architectural inspection of the restructuring of the loggia. Exaction of future frames can be sharpened at one of several options: wood, aluminum, plastic, aluminum – wood. The choice of glass heterogeneous: there are now single-chamber, two – and three-compartment. Glazing of loggias supposes trim wood or plastic lining. If the balcony has a small size, with the help of his removal construction is slightly ahead, we can add the required area.

Main Result

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