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In our three-dimensional world there are really no two-or four things, nothing is absolutely flat, even the most carefully polished mirror. From an early age a person draws on these "plane", but is not absurd – draw a few lines on paper and say: 'This House'? " – Maurits Esher. This is true, but still, if you count photo paper, two-dimensional surface of a mirror, objects, and a thin wire, a line on paper – one-dimensional, then, with equal rights for a four-dimensional objects exist – the simplest of which – the hypercube (four-dimensional cube) and the hypersphere (four-dimensional sphere). Reconnaissance in force! First, get acquainted with the inhabitants of the fourth measurements. The four-dimensional cube. To visualize the four-dimensional cube, it is useful to first look at the usual – a three-dimensional – a cube, as well as the "two-dimensional cube" (square) and "one-dimensional cube" (segment) look at the transformation of one of Other: If the point of "drag" on the paper, you get a line. The line, in turn, "sweeps" the plane – get a square.

Elongated square of the plane – it would make a cube. This is the third dimension. But what to do with cube to turn it into a four-body? And imagine it? And what are we doing to depict on a flat piece of paper three-dimensional cube? We project it onto the plane. Obtained two squares one inside the other, connected vertices. Since project the same four-dimensional cube! We get a similar two cubes, one inside the other, and once again the top pairs are connected.

Effectively Learn

Today, you can easily find a variety of methods of training foreign language. But people still do not know how to choose the method. How to learn a foreign language? Learn to speak any foreign language can be easily 3-5 months. Master reading and writing to the full – for a year. For eighteen months you can learn any foreign language.

Our education system assigns to it 10 years, with the result is very low. The traditional approach is: there is student, there is technique, there is a foreign language. The three components that need to connect. With the techniques taught foreign language rights, which are quickly forgotten. Because the language is perceived as alien information. That's why all the super techniques do not work. The main mistake is that in this scheme is not considered the most important person. He main reason of all.

Not even the most advanced techniques will not work if they ignore the person. Its individual characteristics, its own life. It is most important. You must change the approach to the development of language. It should look like this: A man-language. The man who owns the language. Air Force Chief of Staff is full of insight into the issues. One component. Need to perceive themselves as a person possessing a foreign language. This should be done initially. You must create a perception of reality is a foreign language characters. Any language is adequate conventional reality. Need to let this awareness into their world view. As stated in his famous book: "In the beginning was the word. And the Word was God …'. A person can learn a foreign language only when he has a true desire. That this wish has come true, it must be converted into intention. A person can only wish for when it becomes aware of itself, its presence in this world. If you do, you realize that you really want. Then you intention to appear. Intention to give energy and strength. And only then will any language itself to you 'stick'. You will not need to think about what the best method to use. Will not have to memorize anything and cramming. It will be necessary only one, to create a 'language environment'. Primerica careers has firm opinions on the matter. In their technique to study a foreign language, I give recommendations on how to create a language environment, and 'let her in himself. " Become a person in possession of a foreign language. Here, as in any business, there are all sorts of obstacles and doubts. To overcome them, I need help real people have overcome them. Need to communicate with these people. Then you have a faith. Faith is the key to success, which will solve all problems. As it just appear, you can assume that you have achieved the goal. Nothing can disturb you take your aim.

Clean Language

For example, the coach follows the client all spoken words: "…. and there is excitement that you can not catch a deadline, you are lost, sometimes hands are shaking and feel like number scored in the chest … "selection of the most powerful, charged cell (in the opinion of the coach) from the set of words the customer. For example, the coach builds a hypothesis that the most effective used in the element "a stake through the chest": "… and when the count in the chest …" in the use of this element – the direction of the client's attention to the item for a detailed study. For example, the coach keeps the words "…

and when count in the chest … is there anything else about it, "a stake through his chest?" … .. where exactly is it? …. What size? …. What made this number in your chest? "The advantage of Clean Language questions lies in the fact that during the session, the coach uses a minimum his own words, thus leaving the customer maximum freedom to express themselves, studies himself in his own words, their own images and concepts that reflect his words. How to respond to the situation problem? When a client is describing a problem, the coach first confirms it, then the coach invited him to explore the desired result that the client would like to receive. Model question Coach: And when (… the words client about the problem, For example: "And when you feel anxious") that you want to happen? Example: Client: Duration of the project puts pressure on me.