Tax Savings

Easily and safely meet the deadline with the 2013 Mannheim, tax savings 24 may 2013. The deadline for the tax ends on May 31. Who submit his tax return at the tax office too late or not at all and is also a request for extension of the submission deadline, must reckon with a late charge.’s experts explain what threatens in failure and how taxpayers with the software tax savings 2013 make the most out of their tax return. There is the multiple test winner for Mac OS and Windows.

Who is obliged to submit? Who had entered in the past calendar year exemption on his tax deduction card, more income or wage-replacement benefits obtained in addition to his wages as unemployment or sickness benefit, is obliged to submit of a tax return until May 31. A partner applies for married couples, where year-round or temporarily had the tax class 5 or 6 and self-employed and freelancers who do their tax return itself. What threatens to delay or failure? If the tax return arrives after May 31 or not at the competent tax office, threatening a delay surcharge of 10 per cent of the fixed tax or up to 25,000 euro. The amount of the late payment is set by the IRS according to certain criteria. These include the duration of the delay and the amount of the payment resulting from the delayed tax assessment.

Also determines what the gridlock taxpayer from the delayed tax has drawn, the degree of his culpability and his individual economic performance. Under certain circumstances, it may be so really expensive. Easily and safely meet the deadline with the primary purpose of a tax is to retrieve taxes paid much. Especially quickly and easily this goes with the software economy tax. Numerous proven helpers are the users to the page. A topic filter helps inappropriate areas easy to do.