Team Competence

Team composition and team development process are led that team work in any manner is used pretty much in every company of fundamental importance the rapidly increasing complexity of service provision has combined with the constantly increasing competitive pressure. An Association of several persons to achieve a certain objective is universally as a team”referred to. Existing in entrepreneurial practice the term refers to team”one of several employees working group, which has a defined purpose. As a prerequisite for a successful team work, especially two factors include: an efficient team composition, as well as the conscious iterate through all phases of the team development process prerequisite for successful and target-oriented team work, is an efficient team. This is done usually in successive steps. In the first step involves determining the performance goals of the team, which ultimately decisive for all further decisions of the Team building are. In the second step, the nominal values of the future team and whose members are identified and fixed. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Peter Schiff. Once defined, what is to be achieved at all by means of teamwork, the relevant criteria of competence shall be selected.

The necessary abilities and skills of the future team members are set in the course of this selection derived from the performance objectives. Now the selected competence criteria are according to the fulfilment degree qualified say: as the identified competence criteria should exist? The compilation of appropriate staff for the team is carried out according to this qualification. Also the actual values of the future teams are included in this step. Reliable indicators for target-oriented personnel development measures are generated by a target / actual comparison, to ultimately achieve the target profile as possible without the slightest deviation.