The Borrower

In this mortgage scheme allows to increase the amount of income, taking into account the total income of the spouses. 3. Do not confuse mortgage and property. "Mortgage" apartment – the property the borrower purchased through mortgage apartment given to the bank as collateral. However, the pledge – it is only a "charge" of the property. The owner bought an apartment becomes a borrower, and immediately after buying! The borrower can live in an apartment prescribe where all family members can even take an apartment for rent (with the permission of the bank). The only charge (it is formally registered) is that while the buyer does not repay the loan, he will neither sell or exchange the apartment – that is unable to dispose of their property at their discretion.

4. Buy unfinished apartment – pledge in his own. When buying an apartment in the primary market unfinished apartment can not be a pledge. The apartment may be subject to pledge only after it is registered ownership – in the case of unfinished apartment that is impossible. When working with primary market banks use two schemes: – the customer chooses a company builder and an object in which he buys an apartment. However, given the high risks in the equity, the bank requires the borrower to pledge already available in his apartment. After graduating from construction and the emergence of property rights to a new apartment, the bank takes a pledge to the old apartment and takes a new mortgage – the bank accredits several construction companies in the past financial review.