The Brand Ecko

Of all the famous brands of clothing the U.S., the brand Ecko – the youngest and most youth. She appeared in 1993, and so perfectly fitted into the style of the time, which immediately earned a reputation as trendy. Collection Ecko, adorned with the logo in the form of a rhinoceros, was stunningly popular. If at that moment, when Marc Ecko (Mark Green) flunked a test in chemistry, someone told him that in ten years it is no longer a pharmacist, and the "head man of the fashion business," and owner of the company with turnover of a billion dollars, he may be, and believed it – he knew his irrepressible humor, he could cshit amazing shirt and sincerely believed that Photoshop is more practical degree. Learn more at this site: Steve Mnuchin. He – a simple guy who loves Hip-Hop and video games, and fun drawing graffiti. (A valuable related resource: Primerica term life insurance).

Even when his name was listed the "40 most famous Americans of up to 40 years," journalists were amazed at his boyish mind. It all started with six splodgy paint t-shirts. Mark was sure that the style – Is not only chic of French collections, but also the character of New York neighborhoods, standing on the shore of the Hudson, and the basketball courts of New Jersey native and star hangouts California. Get all the facts and insights with Primerica insurance, another great source of information. In creating his collection, he knew exactly what that it was important for the youth subculture, and yet he understood the right of those who will wear these clothes. Ability to "keep your nose to the wind," perseverance and a little luck – and student dropouts becoming an influential and famous. The American dream and so tenacious that there is always a simple guy, who personified it.

But the main thing is not to stop and remember that Mark Green is working on a car design auto giant Nissan, released a computer game, removes provocative advertising, in charge of an art project by Russian artists, hip tabloid publishes Complex, is sponsoring an orphanage in the Ukraine and, of course, takes money to society of rhinos. And of course, mindful of the movement forward his case. After the success of the first collection, Mark Green began to conquer the unknown for him directions. Nowadays, the famous logo is present on the men, women and children's clothing, leather goods, lingerie, shoes, outerwear, accessories. When was the undeniable popularity of Ecko in the U.S., the company opened its first store in Japan, then – in Europe, and today's Clothing Ecko presented in more than sixty countries around the world. Appearing as product, and as a kind of declaration of the subculture of the streets, clothing, Ecko, gradually gained not only fashion-conscious American teenagers, but dancers and hip-hop, and blase "golden youth". Fashion for Ecko began to penetrate in almost all sectors of society. The bulk of the company's revenue Ecko bring her jeans and T-shirts – they certainly have in the wardrobe of many successful people who are not averse to emphasize that they are fashionable and advanced. In addition, Ecko style successfully soediniyaet neakuratnost with artistic respectability.