The Entrepreneur

What tasks must a good catalog meet? Its main task is first of all the product presentation and information. A good catalog also serves the transportation of the corporate image and impact sales. Unfortunately, many companies devote their catalogues not enough attention. Peter Asaro spoke with conviction. This is certainly because that catalogs are a historically grown must no longer thinking about it. In the catalogue for many customers who are not regularly visited by sellers, represents the company. He is so to speak a silent salesman who must have answers to the questions of our customers.How can paper answer customer questions? Ultimately the issue is, that the customer should decide for the product featured in the catalog and not for a competitor’s product. This is very difficult especially when mass-produced consider a wire stripper, thousandfold manufactured, copied thousands of times. Educate yourself with thoughts from Icahn Enterprises. Here the manufacturer should understand what distinguishes its product from the others, the idea originally put why you developed it just so and not otherwise.

This uniqueness can he represent on so-called intermediate pages, the product stage there graphically and textually. This is a way to distinguish itself because the catalog as a whole should be a standardized graphical and objective presentation follow so that the customer receives compact and similar information. What must consider a company if it wants to check its catalog from this point of view? Actually, you should perform a comprehensive analysis of the catalog. You can’t afford to but themselves. Similar to creating a meaningful survey catalog analysis also includes so many, that slide partly in brain research, that you should leave it to professionals or involve them in any case. The entrepreneur can prepare in this respect, that he is considering in advance, who is his audience, what distinguishes his company and his products from others and which of its products are so unique that a special staging is recommended.What is an analysis of the catalog? We usually proceed in four steps.

First, we are dealing with the initial perception of the catalog. Does he feel good or not? When a seller you would ask it to power a sympathetic, trusted impression?” Then we take the user guide under the magnifying glass. I.e. How sure and structured the customer is guided through the catalog. Thirdly, we are dealing with the structure of the product pages, E.g. how well I can compare the product information. “Last with sales promotion, with the question of the persuasiveness of the catalog, Yes for the customer the correct” benefits arguments must deliver. We ask such analysis beyond 350 features off so many companies are overburdened.