The Expectations Of Engineers

Due to the increased demand of engineers regarding issues expectations especially companies looking for talents and service providers in sales and technology. A dilemma is the mental change of target groups due to the increased demand. A large number of recruiters speaks at an early stage and some talented engineers in a weekly basis. To the point, to make the customers and offer interesting or even just to fill your own database attracts a large number of black sheep”with often impossible promises. The results are a growing entitlement mentality, exaggerated expectations and a growing disloyalty of the target group. The development is forcing the companies to come up even with exaggerated offers. These remain later unfulfilled, developed into a vicious circle: the increase in the turnover requires ultimately more and more resources for the recruitment. Also, higher salary offers are necessary to occupy ever more urgently needed places. HSH GmbH management consultancy for marketing and personnel