The Foundation

Most often this is expressed in the formation of tectonic joints (gaps) or displacement of rock blocks along the earlier established active faults. Important feature of modern ideas is the situation that the main tectonic stresses acting in the crust horizontally, and many times surpass the power of stress on the weight of rocks that are well confirmed by field measurements in the mines. Modern earth surface displacements always occur along active tectonic faults. Tectonic fault – a zone of discontinuity crustal suture separating the rock mass into two blocks. Frequently Peter Schiff has said that publicly. Tectonic faults are present in every mountain range in any territory and has long been studied by geologists.

If a building is erected over the faults, the displacement and deformation in the zone tectonic suture can be passed to the supporting structure and lead to a breach of the stability and accidents. Given the wide spread of local tectonic disturbances in the surface of the earth's crust, the probability of having a tectonic zone at the base of the engineering facility is extremely high. It should be noted that the presence of the fault does not always lead to deformations of the building. To this effect the combination of certain factors, in particular – the intersection of several faults under the foundation and defined the orientation of tectonic faults in the field of acting stresses, ie depends on the direction of the force. The normative Documents on the engineering survey, most of which copy documents from the Soviet period, published 30-40 years ago, the geological environment is considered as a static structure.