The Golden Pegasus

The well-known German automobile company BMW was founded in 1915 by Charles and Gustav Otto Rapom. One of the famous slogans of the BMW 'car driver'. In 1933, the company announces the first limousine with a feature – radiator grille with two ovals. The main and significant model is the BMW 3 series with a notchback, wagon, coupe and convertible. Feedback from motorists are mainly to lots 1 and 5.

What was to be, in principle, expected. Last year it was announced a series Convertible, a remarkable crossover X6, M3 Convertible with a hybrid. In 2009, the expected update 1 and 3 series. To reduce the potential risk to health people who are allergic to nickel, and all items in the car nikelesoderzhaschie BMW, were tested for sootvetstvovaniya requirements for common standards. BMW 3 Series and BMW X6 – a truly unique German cars.

Perfect combination of technology and design art truly impressive. The new model features a natural representation BMW and perfection. February 1 for awards ceremony Grand Prix at the wheel 'group representative of the BMW Group were awarded just two statues of' The Golden Pegasus ', symbolizing the victory of the BMW 3 Series and BMW X6 in the class' luxury car 'and' large SUVs. " Reliability and security, which accompanies you throughout your journey is a good feature of the BMW 3 Series. But in the latest BMW sedan efforts of engineers increased at a fairly high level – due to improved design of the carrier body, whose elasticity increased by 40 percent, as well as improved sidushek. Air suspension, which you are invited to supplement the technical equipment, works well now in combination with damped, which thrive in the management of electronically. In a car windshield and roof completely give driver and passenger to observe the world around us for a journey – a chance to enjoy a quick ride on this incredible car and see the world around us. And it's not all BMW 3 Series is different from their counterparts and more of innovative technical features and featured design, being a reincarnation of the legendary car in the its class. Eight V8 engine with mechanical supercharger, having a capacity of 478 liters kVt/650. with. allows the car to accelerate from standstill to 100 km / h in less than 4 seconds, and its top speed reaches 400 km / h.