The Machine

When the concentration of operations on one machine combine certain operations in time and transitions, using the combined tools and tool set-up. To operate at higher cutting conditions and at a concentration of operations tools will be of great driving power of the main motion with the broad Regulation of spindle speed during the operating cycle. The guides will be replaced by sliding the guide roller. Layout of machines will be changed so that you can install additional nodes, secure chip flow and removal of coolant to provide protection from coolant armchair, sucking of dust and gases. In addition, the machines are automated tool changing processes and quality control process. The rapid improvement engineering products, increase capacity, rapidity and precision machinery, high demands on the environment and ecology of reliability in the operation of vehicles accompanied by ever-increasing demands on exactly the size, shape and arrangement of the machined surfaces, waviness and roughness of the surface machined parts. It is also necessary to ensure the stability of these indicators in time, given that the treatment will be relatively less involving human subjects. To fulfill these requirements will increase the precision manufacture of major parts of the machine, precision assembly and adjustment, and and stiffness elements, such as spindles, wear guides and supports, stability over time the size and shape of base and body parts. To improve the precision machining will be used Special devices and systems of compensation of systematic errors spindles, rails and other elements of machines. In the machines will incorporate microprocessor control unit and various high accuracy with high resolution: for linear and angular movements, temperature control, strain gage transducers and other control elements.