The Productive

Sustainable development is the only viable option to achieve the balance with the environment. There is no denying, as some suggest, that the impact of human actions over the past decades have been disastrous, the population has quadrupled, and to follow and at this rate predator, will be an ecological catastrophe unimaginable to the human eye. And is that global economic growth so far has been inconsistent with needs of corporate environmental awareness. This is demonstrated by the greenhouse effects, climate change, all that has accelerated pollution of the environment and that has become a major threat to the planet Earth. In this century we have begun to live, it is becoming necessary to implement programs and agreements between industries and particularly the industrialized countries (which are the main drivers of environmental pollution) to implement the sustainable development theory implies a number of conditions to be met by countries and companies to achieve a balance between the environment and these. In this regard points out some conditions such as: metals, minerals and fossil fuels should not be extracted at a rate higher than its absorption at the earth’s crust, artificial substances should not be produced at a higher rate of decay and absorption in the earth’s crust, the man should not reduce the productive areas of nature or harvest more than that nature can create; human needs must be addressed with the most efficient possible use of resources and more socially just to achieve social stability. It makes the comment that although this sounds simple, creates implications that may limit many areas, such as mining and fuel extraction and production of durable substances foreign to nature, conditions that companies currently century must meet in order to contribute to the ecological stability and social world in general.